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We all know that there are two essential elements of a kitchen knife blade; the cutting edge and the point. 


The cutting edge cannot be made safer without drastically affecting its functionality.


However, as a result of our research, we discovered that in the domestic environment the long hazardous point is very rarely used. 


A small sharp point is required for many cooking tasks such as trimming and scoring meat and vegetables as well as piercing and opening food packaging. 


The New Point profile offers the best combination of functionality and protection.

The favoured design was tested extensively on the most advanced equipment available in the UK. The results determined that the type 'R' point was more effective at reducing the risk of serious injury than any other point design, even ones which were completely rounded or flat with no point at all. Below are examples of the blade profiles tested.

Point Protector
Small Point
How It Works 3.png

Patent GB2426732A

Key Features 4.jpg
Key Features 4.jpg
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