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The Elite range is now available as a gift set with an attractive dedicated knife block.

Available direct from Viners.

Viners Elite Chopping Block Set 1.JPG
Viners Elite Chopping Block Set 2.JPG
Viners Elite Chopping Block Set 3.JPG


The Viners Assure Colour Code knife is now available as a 5 piece set. This neat package contains a 5" serrated utility,

5" utility, chopping board and combination peeler. Available direct from Viners.

Assure Colour Code Chopping Board and Peeler Box.JPG
Assure Chopping & Peeler.png


Viners continue to add to the hugely successful Assure range. The Elite range consists of a chef's, bread, carving, santoku, utility and paring. The taper ground blade is crafted from premium German stainless steel with a high carbon content to maintain a sharper cutting edge. Available direct from Viners.

Elite Chef Box.JPG
Elite Full Set 1.jpg


Adding to the success of the Assure knife range, Viners have now released Colour Code 4 piece knife set and dedicated chopping boards. Available from Amazon, Harts of Stur and direct from Viners.

Colour Code 3.jpg
Colour Code box.jpg


Great to see the new Taylors Eye Witness Shield range in store at Jarrold.  Available right now in 3 piece and 5 piece sets.

Shield 5pc Block Set Chrome.jpg
Shield 5pc Set Chrome.jpg
Shield 3pc Set Chrome.jpg


Viners launch there superb Assure knife range. Widely available from Amazon, Dunhelm, Wayfair, Harts of Stur and direct from Viners.

Assure White back.jpg
Assure Box.jpg
Black on Transparent.png
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